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Beryllium Copper for Springs & Electrical Connectors

Beryllium Spring / Electrical Connectors
Beryllium Spring / Electrical Connectors

Beryllium copper C17500 (Becu) is a great option when you need a mechanically strong spring or part that requires excellent fatigue, elastic characteristics, and high conductivity. Often times we commonly associate copper with being a soft malleable metal, but as soon as beryllium is added to the material composition, we have a material that is capable of reaching a hardness upwards of 45 Rc (Rockwell). For comparison's sake, 301 stainless full hard is around 41 Rc. Furthermore, the surface of Becu can be surface plated with gold and/or nickel alloys making it even more versatile for a multitude of different industries.

Here at Amtech we typically see our customers utilize Becu for electronic connectors and custom flat springs. More often then not, these parts are used in applications where precision is required and space is at a premium. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work closely with our customers and help them develop or refine their parts made from Becu. This has enabled us to develop proprietary processes specifically tailored to manufacturing parts and springs made from Becu. The results yielded are repeatable and accurate parts each and every time.

Whether you need TH01 (1/4 Hard HT) or even TH04 (Full Hard), we have direct experience working with all the different hardness levels that Becu can be made to. With our lab furnace, we are able to perform age hardening in house to maintain our high standards of quality. Having this capability in house allows us to closely monitor and reduce unwanted part movement that is commonly encountered during the Becu age hardening process.

Beryllium Copper alloy C17200 Coil for Springs
Beryllium Copper alloy C17200 Coil

In rare cases, we have used alternate materials such as C72900 (Copper Nickel Tin) in place of Becu. Often times, this is when customers require the highest level of precision available with today's technology, but still require the similar mechanical properties of Becu. We also see less movement during the hardening process compared to Becu. Since C72900 has no Beryllium in the material composition it can be well suited for certain medical applications and devices.

We bend, shape, and form steel in many ways and have the experience pushing things to the limits. So, when developing/designing your springs & electrical connectors consider reaching out to our team of experts for a free consultation to help ensure your project is success!

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