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Sheet Metal Consultant Service

Part Design Consultation

Bring your project to us for a free consultation to see how we can help you!

Custom Spring Assortment


We take pride in our ability to manufacture custom springs of superior quality, utilizing a wide range of metals. Our specialty lies in crafting precise and complex springs that are tailored to your specific needs, whether you require springs made from sheet metal or wire springs.

Custom Fourslide Parts

Custom Forms

We have the capability to handle a diverse range of industries and products, including but not limited to brackets, clips, electrical contacts, rings, retainers, and other items. Each part we produce is uniquely tailored to your project requirements.

Custom Metal Stamping Assembly

Made to Order

If you have a prototype, idea, or sketch, we would be delighted to assist you in navigating through the manufacturing process. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled service in the metal forming industry catered to your custom project.

Experts in Metal Stamping and Wire Forms

Precision manufacturing to meet your needs

Metal Stamping

Fourslide Metal Stamping Die Set

Multi Slide Presses

  • 1 ton to 90 tons

  • Strip & Wire Forms

  • Dual Press Head Capability


  • Thin gauge / Foil material  

  • Up to .125" thick Sheet

  • Thin / Filament Gauge Wire up to 1/4" Diameter 

Full Service Tool Room​

  • Designed & Built In House Tooling

  • Minimal Downtime 

  • Tooling Maintenance Program

Rapid Prototyping

Secondary Metal Stamping Processing

Fast Turn Prototyping

  • Low Volume Production

  • Part Assembly

  • Custom Tooling

Wire EDM

  • 4-Axis

  • Up to 18" Thick

  • .004" Minimum Diameter

Custom Solutions

  • Build to Order

  • Fit and Function 

  • Design Consultation

Complimentary Services

Fourslide Additional Services

Quality Control

  • Process Capability Analysis 

  • Reverse engineering

  • Multiple Automated Vision Inspection Machines 

Heat Treat

  • Age hardening

  • Tempering

  • Stress relieve

Addictive Manufacturing 

  • CNC Milling

  • Wire EDM

  • Tumble Deburr

  • Surface Grinding

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