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Understanding the Basics of Wire EDM Technology

Updated: May 23

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) machines are often used to cut materials that are electrically conductive into a desired shape between two planes. This process lends itself well for tool and die making do to the wire EDM's capabilities of cutting hardened steel & carbide while maintaining high precision and surface finish. Having a basic understanding of wire EDM can be a valuable asset when the right opportunity presents itself. Like a lot of other technologies, wire EDM has continued to evolve since it's introduction in the 1960s.

The cutting action is performed by an electrical current passing through a thin strand of metal wire. This cutting action causes the material to erode around the metal wire in a consistent and controllable manner. Typical tolerances achieved are +-.0001" while providing an almost polished like surface finish. What makes this even more fascinating is that our wire machines here at Amtech will also cut 4-axis with the ability to cut up to 18 inches thick! It does this all while the part is completely submerged in a tank of deionized water that is temperature controlled. This is what makes our EDM machines suitable to serve a wide variety of parts and industries.

Some of the more common parts that we utilize our wire EDM process for other than tool and die components is to cut parts such as keyways, extrusions, fixturing, precision gages, and quick turn sheet metal prototype parts to name a few. We can handle the smallest of details with the ability to use .004" diameter wire. Typically, .004" diameter wire will yield close to .002" inside radius on the finished part for intricate detail as required. If your part is production oriented or physically large, our machines can utilize .012" diameter wire to reduce cut time and save costs. We can also accommodate taper cuts up to 40 degrees which can reduce the need for multiple set ups and fixtures.

Our investment in edm technology is supported by a rich history of working hands on in the industry. We have partnered with one of leading edm manufactures in the world that has resulted in us having one of the most accurate EDM machines available today. These machines are kept in a climate-controlled room to help maintain a very high level of precision.

Even if your part does not require this high level of precision and detail, it will be manufactured in the same environment resulting in a repeatable outcome each and every time.

Precision Wire EDM Services
Precision Wire EDM

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